A.M.O.’s Agriculture project serves as an outreach tool for seeding the gospel in people’s hearts.

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Arts and Crafts

The Arts & Crafts program provides women with the skills to produce and sell their products at home.

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Baby Supplies

Many of the new mothers that we minister to are very young, and many do not have even the basics to get started. Donations of baby supplies help provide for their needs.

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Embrace a Child

The purpose of the Embrace-a-Child program is to bring children into a relationship with Jesus, bless them and help them to become more like Him.

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Hunger Relief

Food Baskets, known in Brazil as a “Cesta Básica” are a very sought after item by the poor people. These packages are made up of the basic food items needed by each family.

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Hygiene Kits

In the favelas, we see a severe lack of proper hygiene. Running water is scarce and the people are thankful to receive these personal items!

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Leadership development and Bible classes

A.M.O. offers seminary courses to the volunteers who minister with us.

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Homes for at-risk children and teens

Mothers and children who are involved in this project will be have the opportunity to live in a nurturing environment that can meet their physical, developmental and spiritual needs.

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